If you are a frequent pill user, you know how daunting it can be if it gets stuck in your throat! Well, as panicky as the situation sounds, there are many different reasons for this happening. Let’s explore why pills do not flow through the throat and get stuck sometimes.

Why Does A Pill Get Stuck In The Throat?

Usually, swallowing a pill that sticks in the throat rather than moving down is rarely thought off as an emergency. There are many reasons for this occurrence, two of which are mentioned below.

Firstly, if you suffer from a chronic illness, you may take more than one tablet or capsule at once. This is one of the biggest reasons why few pass and some get stuck in the throat. It does not have a huge space to accommodate multiple pills in a single gulp. Therefore, make sure you take them in turns.

Second, comes hydration. Sometimes you may feel that the pill is gone, but it is stuck in the voice box behind the throat. This is because of inadequate water intake to wash it down properly. Always make sure to drink a glass before taking medicine to lubricate the mouth and canal.

How To Get A Pill Out Of Your Throat Immediately?

Do not panic if you feel a burn-like sensation after taking your medicine. You can try multiple techniques for getting it out.

Drink Enough Fluid

We cannot emphasize this enough, always take your pills with an adequate amount of fluid, preferably water, so that they do not get stuck in your throat. Water helps the medicine flow down the throat quickly.

Lubricate Your Mouth Beforehand

If water is not suitable for you, there are other lubricating agents (edible) available for moistening the oral cavity. Some of the examples include honey or applesauce.

Prop Your Head A Little

Tilting your head has always proven effective in getting a pill out of the throat. Prop your chin down, force gulp the medication. Once you feel it has started to move, wash it down with plenty of water.

Cough it

Although one might not suggest forceful expulsion, in times of need, coughing can sometimes get the pill out. This technique is suitable if the tablet gets stuck in the airway.

If coughing is not doing the job, call 911 immediately. Meanwhile, try the Heimlich method or five and five methods.


If you are choking on a pill, get help pronto. You know the reasons why this may happen, so prevent it. Use adequate water. If your throat burns after this episode or you feel uneasy, head to Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Center for help.

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