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5 Reasons You’re Wheezing When Lying Down — What to do?

Nov 15, 20220 Views

Do you have breathing difficulties when you lie down? Obstructed airways can lead to a whistling sound when you inhale and exhale. The wheezing sound can get worse when lying down because the position can affect how your chest rises and falls. Consequently, you may find it hard to breathe. Wheezing can signify many conditions, […]

25 Natural & Organic Foods That Can Immediately Lower Your Heart Rate!

Oct 30, 20220 Views

Whether it’s crisp leaves of fresh lettuce or fluffy doughs of sweetness, food is the one thing that can affect your health big time. So much so that some foods can lower your heart rate immediately. Of course, that mainly depends on your overall diet, not a one-time meal. But if you want consistency and […]

Why do I Have Heart Palpitations at Night?

Sep 30, 20220 Views

Our heart not only pumps blood throughout our body but also reacts to the emotions we feel. It will flutter, skip a beat, or do a flip in your chest based on your mood. However, don’t always mistake these as ‘reactions’ to your emotions. Sometimes, this fluttering, skipping beats, and flipping can actually be a […]

My Chest Burns When I Cough — What Could It Be?

Sep 15, 20220 Views

Imagine coughing and assuming it is the usual cold or something similar — only for your chest to start burning. Asthma patients are somewhat used to the burning sensation in their chest. However, it can be worrisome for those experiencing it for the first time. They might run to the doctor to exclaim, ‘Help! My […]

Why Are My Ears Getting Hot?

Aug 30, 20220 Views

Finding yourself in embarrassing situations can get your ears warm, but this is not the only reason our ears get hot. So if you’re wondering, ‘Why do my ears get hot?’, keep reading to know the possible causes. Possible Causes of Hot Ears Here are what hot ears might mean and when you should go […]

Waking Up with Chest Pain, What Could It Be?

Aug 15, 20220 Views

Waking up with chest pain might seem alarming, but before you start writing your will in a frenzy, it is not always serious. Yes, chest pain is related to your heart. But not always, as minor problems like stress or indigestion might be behind your aching chest. However, this is no reason to play it […]

Bronchitis vs Covid – How to Distinguish between Them?

Jul 30, 20220 Views

In these testing times one cannot leave cough unattended. Covid-19 has changed the entire outlook of respiratory diseases. But why cough is being taken so seriously? Well, it is one of the major symptoms of having a corona virus infection along with other respiratory signs. But, is a way we can tell or differentiate between […]

Why Do Pills Get Stuck In Throat?

Jul 15, 20220 Views

If you are a frequent pill user, you know how daunting it can be if it gets stuck in your throat! Well, as panicky as the situation sounds, there are many different reasons for this happening. Let’s explore why pills do not flow through the throat and get stuck sometimes. Why Does A Pill Get […]

Dealing With Boil Vs Pimple

Jun 30, 20220 Views

A pimple or a boil visually looks similar to one another, making it difficult for regular people to distinguish between them. Both of these protrusions can be considered acne since they appear red, heightened, and painful. However, if we look closely, certain differences discriminate between boil vs pimple; let us go through it. Boil Vs […]

Windows 10 Activator [KMSpico] Free Download Latest

Jun 22, 20220 Views

 Windows 10 Activator [KMSpico] Free Download Latest Download Download Official Website Windows 10 Activator Latest Free Download Windows Activator Kit provides an All-in-One Windows 10 Activator for free to Activate your version of Windows legally. Just click the button below and get your copy of Windows Activator right now. Download Download From official website […]



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