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Can Stress Cause Spotting to Happen?

Jun 30, 2024258 Views

Bleeding when you’re not on your period is called spotting. It’s usually very light and doesn’t need a pad or tampon. Many women experience it at some point, but it can be concerning. Therefore, you might wonder, “Can stress cause spotting?” Yes, it can. What Does Stress Spotting Look Like? The color of the blood […]

What Causes Nose Bleeding And Headache To Occur?

Jun 15, 2024341 Views

Nose bleeding and headache are common issues. However, their occurrence at the same time can be worrisome. It can mean many things. Sometimes, it indicates minor issues that require no medical assistance. Sometimes, they can point to a deep-rooted problem like anemia or low red blood cell count. What Triggers a Nose Bleed and Headache? […]

Does A Bone Density Test Show Cancer?

May 30, 2024295 Views

A bone density test checks if you have osteoporosis. However, people also question, “Does a bone density test show cancer?”. The most commonly tested bones are in the spine, hip, and sometimes the forearm. The straightforward answer is no. It can only detect the strength of your bones. However, a bone scan can indicate the […]

Sharp Chest Pain: Is It Always A Heart Attack?

May 15, 2024306 Views

A chest pain that comes as an electric bolt is not something you should ignore, but it also doesn’t always indicate a heart attack. A sharp chest pain can feel different for everyone. Sometimes, it burns; in some cases, the pain can start in your chest and then move up to your neck and jaw. […]

Nutritional Deficiency Hair Loss: Diagnosis & Treatment

Apr 30, 2024357 Views

Your hair has two main parts: the part you see, called the hair shaft, and the part hidden under your skin, called the hair follicle. Hair grows from these follicles. Normally, hair grows about 0.35 millimeters each day. However, your scalp can lose around 100 hairs every day, especially if you wash or brush your […]

Can Urgent Care Prescribe Asthma Medication?

Apr 15, 2024407 Views

Asthma causes breathing problems because of inflammation and tight airways. Symptoms include wheezing, coughing, and feeling like you can’t catch your breath. While asthma can’t be cured, it can be managed well with the right treatment. Asthma patients often wonder, “Can urgent care prescribe asthma medication” Yes, they can. Numerous urgent care clinics can even […]

Menopause Joint Pain: Can Medication Help?

Mar 30, 2024367 Views

Feeling some discomfort during menopause? You are not alone. Many women experience muscle and joint pains during this time. It can be hard to tell if it’s just a part of menopause or if it’s related to arthritis. If you have concerns, it’s important to seek advice. Symptoms of Menopausal Joint Pain During menopause, joint […]

5 Reasons Why You Have A Sore Throat On One Side

Mar 15, 2024307 Views

A sore throat on one side is your throat’s way of giving you a little warning sign. That annoying, scratchy, or painful feeling bothers your throat. You might notice it when you swallow, talk, or sit idly. Let’s discuss what it further indicates: Post Nasal Drip Postnasal drip is when snot drips down the back […]

Is Weight Gain During Ovulation Common?

Feb 29, 2024293 Views

Weight gain during ovulation is a common occurrence for many people with ovaries. When your body gears up to release an egg, it undergoes some hormonal shifts, and one of the side effects can be a little extra weight showing up on the scale. During ovulation, estrogen levels surge, which can cause your body to […]



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