The best person to control your diabetes is you. However, you can’t do it alone. You need professional intervention and support from your loved ones. Although it is not permanently curable yet, people with type-2 diabetes can lead a life as healthy as a non-diabetic individual. Let’s share how type-2 diabetes self-care works.

What Are the Four Pillars of Diabetes Care?

No matter if you were born with diabetes, have it due to a tendency in genes, or developed it with age. You always have a chance to live a fulfilling life. The ticket to leading a normal life with diabetes is to control blood sugar levels. The four pillars upon which your self-care stands are:

  • Oral Medication
  • Physical Exercises
  • Weight Control
  • Eating a balanced diet.

Self-Management of Diabetes Type 2

There are some key areas you need to focus on to avoid diabetic complexities and the risk of hospitalizations. These self-care tips are:

  1. Emotional Well-being
    Achieving a certain level of emotional strength will greatly help your type 2 diabetes self-care journey. Stay away from negative thoughts and surround yourself with positive energies, which can heavily impact how well you look after yourself. Participating in a peer support group as a member can benefit you in learning the routine control guidelines.
    You can also consult your doctor or diabetes support specialist to guide you. Be Open up to them about your worries and concerns regarding diabetes control.
  2. Eating a Balanced Diet
    Your blood sugar can only be controlled with a balanced diet. However, this shouldn’t stop you from devouring your favorite foods. Please discuss with your doctor how different foods can benefit your condition and how much they can. Such learning will help you create a diet chart matching your needs, lifestyle, and culture. A healthy diet is powerful enough to keep various health conditions in check.
  3. Engage in Activities
    Physical activities are a great tool to manage blood sugar levels and reduce your chances of diabetic complexities. Staying active does not mean that you remain in the gym for hours. Every movement you do besides sitting idly counts as an activity. To make it exciting, indulge in activities you love, like cycling, swimming, or a sport with your friends or family.
  4. Adhere to Your Medication Plan
    Properly following your medication plan is a foolproof approach to type 2 diabetes self-care. Discuss your medication plan with your doctor so you can take the right medicines at the right time to speed up your diabetes control process. Remember to stay vigilant regarding any side effects you experience due to medicines.
  5. Constant Monitoring
    Whenever someone is diagnosed with diabetes, their healthcare provider issues them a target blood sugar range that benefits them. You must track your blood sugar multiple times daily to fulfill that target. This aids you in learning how your body reacts to your diet, medicines, and physical activities.

Bottom Line

With a strong willpower and focus, type 2 diabetes self-care becomes an easy feat. With expert medical intervention and help from our healthcare specialist, Dr. Hunaid Dollar, at Internal Medicine Diagnostic Center. Dial (281) 252-8600 to schedule an appointment.

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