In the past, children with hearing deficiencies go undiagnosed until they are about 2 years old and their parents realize that they can’t talk. Unfortunately, if hearing loss is not detected and treated before the child is 6 months, the probability of recovery is significantly reduced. These days, hospitals test for hearing within 24 hours after birth. However, some children pass the first test and lose hearing ability as they grow older.

Here are some signs that your child has good hearing. If you notice anything contrary to the following, schedule a hearing screening immediately.

    • From birth to when they are 4 months old, your child should startle when they hear loud sounds, wake up when it’s noisy, and respond to your voice (by smiling or stopping their tantrums).
    • From 4 months to 9 months of age, your child should notice when their toys make sounds, make babbling noises, smile when you speak to them, and turn around when they hear familiar words.
    • Between the ages of 9 months and 15 months, children with good hearing will repeat sounds that they hear regularly, make sounds to get their parents’ attention, respond to their names, and respond to basic requests (like ‘how are you?’).
    • From 15 to 24 months old, your child should be using some words regularly, paying attention to music, naming common objects, and responding to simple instructions.

Track your child’s hearing as they grow older, and at the first sign that something may be wrong, go for a hearing screening.

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