The knee joint is one of the common places where a sharp stabbing pain comes and goes. It is a very common cause that makes a person land at a physician’s office. Your knee is the biggest joint that has the duty of carrying most of the body weight; therefore, any damage or inflammation causes immense pain.

Sharp stinging knee pain is mostly short-term and goes away, but if it is persistent, the reason may be a disease. This piece describes the link between knee pain and inflammation, mainly because of arthritis.

Arthritis and Knee Pain

Knee pain is very common because of various reasons, some of which are: knee bursitis, a fracture, torn cartilage, and arthritis. Your knee joint is a complex structure; therefore, you must get a proper diagnosis and know the reason for your sore knee.

It is a common belief that knee pain while walking or standing still is an aging sign, but a healthcare professional might say otherwise. A proper prognosis and treatment plan greatly slow the progression alongside symptomatic pain relief.

Arthritis knee pain presents itself in a bunch of signs and symptoms depending on multiple factors such as degree of degeneration and the patient’s health condition – their weight, movement ability, etc.

As far as detection is concerned, arthritic knee pain has a distinct symptom that helps in its detection – sharp stabbing pain that comes and goes at intervals, more like stinging episodes. The pain gradually gets worse and becomes more frequent as time passes.

Different Types of Arthritis Knee Pain

The doctors categorize knee pain into 2 types:

  • Mechanical pain
  • Inflammatory pain

Mechanical Pain

This type of stabbing knee pain comes after activities such as weight lifting, squatting, or even climbing down the stairs and goes after brief rest. The pain intensifies when the joint is strained. However, it needs a few minutes of adequate pause and gentle movement to get back to normal.

Inflammatory Pain

Warmth, swelling, and burning sensation are some of the signs seen in this category. It shows as an intense flare-up episode with constant mechanical ache.

What Can Make A Knee Pain Worse?

  • A long period of non-movement or inactivity increases stiffness and knee pain, and this happens mostly after getting up from a nap or night’s sleep or sitting in the car for a long time.
  • Bending down with heavyweight.
  • Sporty activities.

Knee Pain Relief In Arthritis Patients

Here’s what you can do:

  • You can either use an ice pack or a heating pad, whichever is available; it will work for temporary pain relief and reducing inflammation.
  • Rest – after a painful episode, take ample rest.
  • Always move after a few minutes, do not sit idle for too long because movement lubricates the joint.


If you want to know the exact cause of sharp stabbing knee pain that comes and goes, reach out to our primary care specialist in Magnolia or Houston at Internal Medicine Diagnostic Center PA for a checkup and appropriate treatment plan. Call 281 252 8600 for an appointment.

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