Diabetes is a condition in which the glucose level in the body rises. People who have it have to take great care and plan out their daily routines accordingly. It often makes people lazy and weak. So, what about the sportsmen who have it? Is there any athlete with diabetes? Many excellent examples are present who, despite having diabetes, have excelled in sports, winning medals, and became famous. It all depends on proper care and attention. Ask the healthcare provider on ways of coping up with the situation.
Athletes with diabetes have to plan out workout, diet, and routines. It is essential to control their blood glucose levels and maintain healthy lifestyles. Although not easy, it is not impossible for an athlete. However, a professional athlete or for any sporty person, diabetes is not a barrier to carry on their interest. Few famous examples of such athletes are as follows:

  • The famous American Footballer, Jay Cutler, is a diabetic athlete. He has played many matches. Although people dislike his bad attitude at times and his habit of uncertain play, he copes up with the situation.
  • The two basketball players Adam Morrison and Chris Dudley, also have diabetes. They both are known for different skills on the ground. Chris is a rebounder and defender while Adam has different qualities.
  • The famous swimmer Gary Hall, who has even won the Olympic medal, he was an athlete. To help others, he taught many other athletes on managing diabetes and was a professional coach. And there are many other such examples.

Time shows that athletes with diabetes have succeeded in their field. Many examples are present. However, one cannot stop having diabetes but can learn to live a healthy life with it. At Internal Medicine Diagnostic Centre, we treat all types of diabetes. It is always better to get the cure of the disease instead of suffering from it. Call us on 281-252-8600 to know more.

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