For patients suffering from the devastating effects of emphysema, news of a recently-approved treatment is exciting and welcome. How does it work? Learn more about the SpirationĀ® Valve System (SVS) and how it can help patients suffering from this progressive and debilitating condition.

How Does SVS Emphysema Treatment Work?

A minimally invasive treatment for severe emphysema, SVS, developed by Olympus Medical Systems, has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This treatment involves a patented one-way valve that self-expands in lung airways. This valve redirects air away from diseased and damaged areas of the lung to healthier tissue while allowing the escape of trapped air and secretions.

The Spiration Valve placement procedure is administered via a flexible bronchoscope and is minimally invasive. Once in place, SVS can improve quality of life by increasing exercise tolerance, improving pulmonary function and reducing hyperinflation. Patients are able to breathe more easily, with many showing significant reduction in shortness of breath.

Who Can Benefit from SVS Treatment?

Designated by the FDA as a breakthrough medical device, SVS is approved for use in not only the United States, but also the EU, New Zealand and Australia. Patients who have heterogenous emphysema affecting localized areas of the lungs are most likely to benefit from the treatment, but other patients may also see some relief.

To learn more about how this device can help to improve your quality of life as an emphysema patient, call us today at Internal Medicine Diagnostic Center. Together, you and an expert care provider can discuss your treatment options to determine whether you’re a good candidate for SVS.

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