The term acute, in medical terms, is used to describe something that happens abruptly or has a quick onset. Acute care refers to short-term health care after a severe injury, an amputation, an urgent medical condition (such as a stroke) or while recovering after surgery. There is a period of adjustment. After you get discharged from the hospital, you may need more assistance. Where do you turn for that?

Facility Discharge

Finding the right post-acute care program will help you on your path to recovery. Here are the four levels of facility care:

  1. Skilled Care – Requires extensive nursing.
  2. Acute – Active therapy (physical, speech, etc.…). Requires between three and six hours of therapy daily.
  3. Intermediate – Therapy and medical needs are less intense.
  4. Residential –: Mainly self-sufficient and without regular medical issues.

Home Discharge

When it’s time to leave the hospital, where do you go? There are two types of discharge instructions: outpatient and home care.

OUTPATIENT: You have appointments at places like hospitals, nursing homes or clinics.

HOME CARE: This may include programs like meals-on-wheels, in-home nursing and adult day care.

Be Aware

Often, decisions about recovery after acute care in a nursing facility are made impulsively and under some duress. Ask questions about on-site nurses, private rooms, types of therapies or care offered. It’s also a good idea to read testimonials. This could help you make a more informed, therefore better, decision instead of rushing to decide.

Finding the Right Acute Care Recovery Program

You’ve had trauma of some kind and need to be in an environment that will help you heal. You can’t trust just anyone with your health and quality of life. There are a few factors to consider when choosing your help after acute care. Choices could be decided upon by how you and your loved ones feel about the services offered. Other factors could include location and insurance coverage.

A Winner

Come visit us at the Internal Medicine Diagnostic Center. Our skilled team wants to welcome you to our family. We offer a variety of services and are sure we can fulfill your needs. Your health is important to us. Call us at 281-252-8600. You can visit our website for an online appointment, to find patient forms and other resources.

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