With the advancements medicine over the years, many know they are at risk for diabetes before they’re diagnosed. Certain factors contribute to this knowledge such as family history and lifestyle, but doctors are becoming increasingly more vital in the fight against diabetes. In fact, there are some ways to actually get a step ahead of diabetes. Take the step and make this New Year the best year yet.

Find and Maintain a Healthy Weight

It’s not a secret the number one cause of diabetes is being overweight. As result, it’s imperative to get yourself to a healthy weight and make every effort to maintain it. Losing weight doesn’t have to be an all or nothing battle. Simple changes in diet can create ripples throughout your lifestyle. Make the necessary choices to promote good health, achieve a healthy weight, and rewarding enough to continue those choices long-term.

Move and Make an Effort to Exercise

While a consistent exercise routine is important for everyone in achieving good health, it’s crucial for diabetics or those at risk of diabetes. Not only does it aid in the effort to lose weight and the ability to maintain a healthy weight once established, but it helps regulate the body’s blood sugar levels. Regular exercise contributes to overall heart health, which, in turn, deters type 2 diabetes from appearing or progressing. It’s important to move as nothing inhibits diabetes more than an active lifestyle.

Focusing on Fiber

Since fiber takes longer to digest, it slows down the release of sugar into the bloodstream as a result. Additionally, slow digestion also means you will feel full longer, preventing you from snacking or eating when it’s unnecessary to do so. Make it a habit to read labels and choose foods high in fiber such as black beans, oatmeal, and bran cereal.

Plan to See Your Doctor to Discuss Diabetes

Choosing to make lifestyle changes is difficult for anyone regardless of the reason, but can be even more challenging when trying to get ahead of diabetes. However, you’re not alone. Make plans to visit your doctor to discuss options available and to have someone with knowledge of your situation to help guide you.

If you’re in or around the Magnolia, TX area, reach out to the friendly staff at Internal Medicine Diagnostic Center to establish a care plan. Together, getting a step ahead of diabetes this year has never been easier.

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