Back pain is a frequent issue that people of all ages face, especially those in their latter part of life. There are multiple causes for this, from wrong posture while resting to a jerk or maybe a disease. Have you ever wondered what if this back pain is because of gas?

Back pain is more common than you think, it makes mundane tasks difficult. Some of the reasons for this include muscle strain, ligament stretch, or even bulging disks. Let’s discuss the relationship between gas and back pain.

Gas and Back Pain Relationship

All of us are indulged in improper eating habits, and our diets include gas-producing substances. Other than that, some abdomen conditions may also be the reason for excess gas production, causing back pain.

Majorly, people with back pain have trapped gas in the GI tract which moves from the abdomen to the lower back or neck. The issue is more stinging if that individual has a GI disorder.


Bloating or cramping in the GI system is usually because of these issues:

Gas of Digestion

Bacteria in large amounts are spread in the digestive system. The gas is released when they break down components like carbohydrates – certain sugars, fiber-like beans, or starch.

Swallowing Air

Absentmindedly, people gasp air that accumulates inside the body, causing pain. The question might linger in your mind, “is it possible to inhale excess gas?” Yes, you can; apart from regular gas exchange while breathing, you can inhale air during drinking or eating too fast, having carbonated water, or drinks.

Health Conditions

The reasons above usually cause gas pain in the back. But, if the issue is continuous and does not get better, then maybe it is because of a disorder.

  1. Pancreas Inflammation
  2. Gallstones
  3. Ulcer

Treatment For Gas Pain Relief

Few methods for relief:

Heating Pad

15 to 20 minutes of hot water bag on the back greatly reduces pain.


Antacids reduce the gas pain and provide a path for its release. Antacids decrease gas influx and help in their release; meanwhile, painkillers reduce back pain. In conditions such as lactose intolerance, medicines work well.


Exercise helps a lot with back pain issues because the movements improve gas flow in the GI tract.


Limiting food consumption is also a good change, lesser food means lesser gas production.


Gas pain is normal; however, reach out to Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Center for immediate attention if it becomes unbearable. Call at 281 252 8600 or visit us at Magnolia or Houston center, we are here for your help.

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