When a blood vessel that is supplying the brain with oxygen gets blocked or bursts open, the brain cell that was supposed to receive the oxygen stops working due to lack of said oxygen, and the victim is said to be suffering from a stroke.

Stroke is the fifth most fatal health condition in the United States and people that are 55 and older are especially vulnerable. Those who have been diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes are also at risk. Here are a couple of early warning signs to be on the lookout for:

  1. Droopy face
    The brain has 2 hemispheres with which it controls the body and a stroke typically affects one side of the body. Numbness or droopiness on one side of the face is a strong warning sign.
  2. Speech difficulty
    If one side of your face feels numb, you will struggle to form words or even smile evenly. Slurred words and speech difficulty are other warning signs of a stroke.
  3. Dizziness and loss of coordination
    Instant confusion, lack of coordination, difficulty in understanding, and dizziness are all symptoms of a stroke. A sudden loss of vision is another one.
  4. A mini-stroke

Mini-strokes a.k.a. transient ischemic attacks sometimes happen just before a major attack. The warning signs are the same as that of a stroke but in this case, the attack subsides after some time. If you suffer from a mini-stroke, get medical assistance immediately.

The thing about strokes is that the longer you take before treatment, the more time the brain is starved of oxygen, and the worse things get. Once you start feeling any of the symptoms above, find someone to get you to a doctor

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