While many businesses have had to shut down for safety reasons, doctors and other healthcare workers have stayed open as they are deemed as an essential business. While they have been given permission to stay open, they are also responsible for ensuring that you, the patient, and their staff can interact with one another without losing a chance to get the  Coronavirus. Well-trained and caring doctors, like those at Internal medicine, have strict rules and protocols that they have to follow to ensure patient safety.

Let’s take a look at ways adequate doctors have maintained safety for their patients:

  1. They wear a mask everywhere in their clinic, even if the patient may not be sick:
  • As we know, anyone can have the Coronavirus, whether they are symptomatic or asymptomatic. This means even the healthiest looking fellow could possibly be a carrier for the deadly disease. For this, if you see that your doctor is not wearing a mask and gloves with every patient, it is necessary to find one that follows the rules, like Internal medicine. This will ensure that even if the doctor has the virus on his hands or skin, there is a slim to none chance that he can affect you or your loved ones.2. He or she is washing their hands, as per CDC guidelines, each time they enter a new patient room
  • We also know that washing your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds is the best way to get rid of the Coronavirus and ensure it can not spread farther than it needs to. Ensuring that your doctor follows this essential rule will, once again, help to ensure that the virus can not spread to you or those that are dear to you

Having a good doctor is great, but having a caring doctor is the best. You have a good doctor when they can fix you, but pay no attention to your safety. On the other hand, you have a caring doctor who can fix you and ensures that neither you nor those that you care about have a chance of getting this dreadful virus!

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