All-female patients need to know about cancer screenings for women. Many of these tests are quick and easy. However, they can provide life-saving information. Read on to learn about these exams. Then you will be able to schedule the correct tests with your doctor.

Breast Exams and Mammograms

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women. However, there are several different ways to check for signs of this cancer. Firstly, all women should be performing breast exams at home. You should perform these every month. It’s recommended that you perform this exam the week after your period. Your doctor can show you the correct technique.

Additionally, your doctor will also perform a breast exam at your well-woman visit. Your doctor will simply feel for lumps with their covered hands. Women in their 40s and 50s should also talk to their doctor about mammogram screenings. Ask about the best age to start this cancer screening.

Pap Tests

A Pap test, also known as a pap smear, is an easy and painless way to check for cervical cancer. Your doctor will perform a pap test during a pelvic exam. They will use a long cotton swab to collect cells from your cervix. Then, these cells are sent to a lab for analysis. Abnormal pap results might be a sign of cancer or an infection. However, many things can cause an abnormal pap test. Your doctor will follow up for more testing if you receive these results.

Additional Screenings

Some women need more invasive cancer screenings such as biopsies. The best way to know what you need is to talk with your doctor. They will monitor your symptoms, run blood tests, and recommend other cancer screenings if needed. Making regular ob/GYN appointments is the best way to keep track of changing symptoms over time.

Well-Woman Care in Texas

Internal Medicine Diagnostic Center has convenient locations in Magnolia and Houston. We offer well-woman exams close to home. To make your yearly appointment or to talk about cancer screenings for women, schedule an appointment with us online.

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