In these testing times one cannot leave cough unattended. Covid-19 has changed the entire outlook of respiratory diseases. But why cough is being taken so seriously? Well, it is one of the major symptoms of having a corona virus infection along with other respiratory signs. But, is a way we can tell or differentiate between regular respiratory conditions like bronchitis vs covid?

Yes, there are ways available. Specialized testing kits are available at almost every healthcare setups for conducting a test for covid-19 detection.

Bronchitis or Covid Are Either Contagious?

It is a known fact that acute bronchitis which is an infectious condition is due to a virus or bacteria is contagious. It has the ability to spread from one person to another via droplets, just like covid-19.

Both conditions are contagious; therefore, covering with a mask is necessary when you cough. But, because chronic bronchitis does not involve germs as such, it is not easily spreadable.

Symptoms of Bronchitis vs covid-19

The main difference between the two lies in their origination. Novelty corona virus is the reason behind Covid-19, whereas bronchitis is bronchioles inflammation which can be because of any reason, viral or bacterial cold, flu, allergies, etc.

As stated above, the only way you can say for sure if you have covid-19 vs bronchitis is special test conducted for former. You can also keep a track of your symptoms, apart from coughing bronchitis and covis-19 are quite different. Additional symptoms of the latter include:

  • Excessive diarrhea
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Loss of taste or smell

Even with cough, the common symptom, there is a way you can detect which one you have. Wet and productive cough with mucus is usually a sign of bronchitis vs covid, the cough is dry.

Similar Traits of Covid and Bronchitis

The respiratory system comes in jeopardy under both circumstances, therefore the signs are similar:

  • Cough and headache
  • Fever during initial days
  • Body pain
  • Chest pain
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Nasal congestion


The treatment includes eradication of the virus or bacteria which is causing this condition. Meanwhile, some options are present to ease
discomfort and pain.

  • Adequate resting
  • Lozenges
  • Humidifiers
  • Honey for sore throat
  • Tea for sore throat
  • Large amount of fluid
  • OTC medications

If we talk about covid, healthcare workers only use FDA-approved medication. This includes an antiviral drug caked remdesivir. However, it is set aside for critical conditions.

If you have any of the symptoms or cough in particular, it is better to isolate yourself until you know whether it is covid-19 or not. It is better to not spread infection until further confirmation.


Whether you have covid or bronchitis, in case you start observing severe symptoms such as chest pain along with breathing difficulties/shortness of breath, or confusion, always call for help. Bronchitis is easily treatable; however, get proper attention if you are covid positive. Talk to doctors from Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Center at (281) 252-8600

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