Like every mortal thing, bones start degenerating when you reach middle age. When this happens, it becomes crucial to prevent osteoporosis from occurring. Severe osteoporosis can make a daily life activity like opening a stubborn door can fracture your bone. Life with weak bones reduces mobility and increases pain at every step.

Does Every Woman Need a Bone Density Test?

Yes, every woman needs to get their osteoporosis screening done when they reach a certain age. Young women who feel healthy might not require it, but the chances of weak bones increase as they age. Sadly, women are more capable of developing osteoporosis compared to men.

What Age Should You Get a Bone Density Test?

Our bones start declining by the age of 30, which is also referred to as middle age. This test aims to identify the amount of minerals in your bones to prevent the silent disease called Osteoporosis. Therefore, diagnosing weak bones early before a fracture occurs is important. An early diagnosis can help your healthcare provider suggest appropriate treatments to strengthen your bones.

How is a Bone Density Test Done on a Woman?

A bone density test is known as a DEXA Scan, which is non-invasive. It barely takes 15 minutes. You don’t need to prepare anything for a DEXA scan. You only have to lie down on a table in the procedure room till a small X-ray appliance scans your lower back and hips.

Results from this scan will help your healthcare provider identify the amount of calcium and minerals in particular areas of your bone. This is called bone density. If your scan reveals low bone density or osteoporosis, your physician can start the treatment immediately.

How Often Should a Woman Get a Bone Density Test?

Healthcare experts suggest that older women should regularly have their osteoporosis screening performed. Women with healthy bone density on their first test can wait 15 years before the next screening.

Osteoporosis can rapidly grow as a woman experiences menopause. During this time, even a baseline osteopenia can become osteoporosis in 5 years. For women with low bone densities, 1 year interval between every osteoporosis screening is recommended.

Right Candidates for Bone Density Test

The recommended age for a DEXA scan is 65. However, you can undergo this earlier if you have:

  • Symptoms of Osteoporosis
  • Losing about 1 inch or more in height
  • A fractured bone
  • Used corticosteroid medicines for a long time
  • Recently underwent a bone marrow or organ transplant
  • Low hormone levels

Factors that Increase Chances of Low Bone Density

Osteoporosis can affect men, too. But 80% of women have fallen victim to it. Following are the traits that increase your chances of developing osteoporosis:

  • A female
  • Old age
  • Going through menopause
  • Having osteoporosis in genes
  • Having Asian or white descendants
  • Tiny body frame
  • Using Tobacco or excessive alcohol

Concluding Thoughts

Getting old is a scary thought that fills you with anxiety. However, preventing diseases from making your life difficult is not so bad. Contact Dr. Hunaid Dollar at the Internal Medicine Diagnostic Center for timely diagnosis and treatment.

Our board-certified medication expert can help you live your golden years with the necessary dignity and strength. Call us at (281) 252-8600 to book an appointment.

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