We hear that the patient’s lungs have stopped functioning, or the person has lung disease. Although the causes are many, the illness needs concern. One such is the white lung disease, also known as asbestosis. The people who inhale asbestos fiber continuously can have it. The prolonged inhalation is dangerous, as it stays in the lungs and gradually damages it. Besides, these people should follow a few guidelines to stay safe.

Who gets it? 

White lung disease is found in people working as miners or in construction and manufacturing of insulators, fireproofing, brakes of automobiles, and cement products. Besides these occupations, people who live near factories, construction sites, and mines have diseases. Breathing in air with small particles of asbestos fiber is toxic for the lungs. All these places have a high concentration of fiber in the air, which affects the people there.


The fiber, when it comes in contact with the lungs, gradually stiffens it. The person experiences shortness of breath as the lung’s expansion and contraction becomes difficult. Besides, the blood gets an insufficient supply of oxygen that makes things worse. The person starts to have a dry cough that then follows other health problems. The people have to consult the healthcare provider and take preventive measures.

Related diseases

Inhaling asbestos can cause lung cancer or even affect the heart. However, it is a very long term process, and symptoms appear after many years. It is one of the reasons the use of asbestos has reduced in many places and even prohibited in a few countries. The pollutants are the air that can damage the lungs; smoking adds to the health hazards. Therefore, it is wise to take care of and immediately talk to the doctor.

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