Health should be our utmost priority. If anyone feels pain between the chest and groin, it can be the abdominal pain. The pain may vary; some might feel just a bit of ache. However, for others, it can be sharp and sudden stabbing sensations. Lower abdominal pain when coughing is also one of the common problems many are facing. Nevertheless, not only coughing, even laughing out loud triggers stomachache.

Signs you need to worry

The abdomen contains our main organs, including the liver, appendix, pancreas, and intestine. A problem in any can lead to pain. Symptoms vary, and initially, the health care provider will listen to his patient. Then examine, carry out the test, and look for the causes of pain. All abdominal pain is not to worry. The severe pain is usually sharp, may have droplets of blood in all of the excretions, and lead to breathing difficulties and chest pain. In severe cases, a person can collapse.

Associated illnesses

It won’t be wise to ignore lower abdominal pain when coughing. Causes can be many, hence consult a health care provider. Few illnesses associated with lower abdominal pain are as follows;

  • Bladder inflammation is known as cystitis.
  • Endometriosis in which a woman feels excess pain during menstruation due to the tissues that grow outside her uterus.
  • Ovarian cysts, an illness that affects the lives of women adversely
  • Many forms of Cancer
  • Other reasons can be kidney stones, gastric problems, and others

Schedule your appointment 

Visit Internal Medicine Diagnostic Centre if you experience lower abdominal pain when coughing or doing any other activity. Early detection saves a life, get an appointment, and the health care provider will be ready to examine and treat you. Call us on 281-252-8600 to know more.

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