A burning sensation after having sex is a kind of dyspareunia which is also known as painful sexual intercourse. The most common reason it occurs is because of inadequate lubrication or excessive friction. Rarely, it may happen due to some critical conditions that may take you to see the doctor immediately. Both vaginal and penile burning are possible while having sex; however, burning after sex is a common phenomenon amongst females rather than males. This blog covers some common reasons for burning after sex in both genders.

Common Reasons for Burning After Having Sex

Burning sensations or pain in the penile or vaginal area after a sexual interaction is typical. Below are some potential causes why any individual may suffer from it.

Genital Organs

The size or shape of the partner’s sexual organs may irritate the skin for some people, which results in burning after sex.


Lubrication is an essential aspect of sexual intercourse, and many people resort to lotions or creams for this. Genitals are sensitive organs and may react adversely to such items.

STI – Sexually Transmitted Infections

Some STIs, such as gonorrhea may cause painful sex and give burning sensations later.

Lack Of Lubrication

With inadequate lubrication, sex becomes a painful experience for both or either you and your partner individually. Comparatively, women are more susceptible to pain and burning after having sex.

Psychological Factors

It is common for both males and females to experience pain or burning while sexual intercourse or after they finish. Some of the reasons could be stress about their relationship, previous sexual encounters, etc. Psychological stresses can make things tense between the partners, resulting in painful sex.

Rough Sex

Some couples have weird kinks and head towards violent sex with poor lubrication. This can hurt the skin and cause burning in both genders.

Sexual Position

Exploring is a part of life and works in this aspect as well. Some positions can result in irritation and pain to the skin; on the other hand, few poses can accentuate the painful sensations. One such example is sex alongside deep penetration that reaches the cervix may disturb the female. Women with inflamed cervix experience increased burning after sex.


Certain infections result in painful sex. This includes yeast infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs.) and urethritis.

Penis Infections

Prostatitis or swelling of the prostate is common because of infection. This condition can cause burning during or after completing sexual intercourse. Some men experience a burning sensation while ejaculating or urination.

Penile Injury

An injured penis causes pain while having or even after it. If by any chance you have a cut on the penis, friction of intercourse can irritate it.

Vaginal Infections

Yeast infections are common and make sex painful or become the reason for burning later on. Usually, this pain goes unnoticed while having sex.

Cervical Troubles

Some sex positions can reach the cervix level and cause women pain, discomfort and a burning feeling inside the vagina or their stomach.


Unfortunately, this condition makes your vagina or vulva opening hurt, and there is no identifiable reason for it yet.

Contact Your Doctor

Pain or burning after sex is not a cause of concern or an emergency. However, do not take it lightly if you or your partner are experiencing chronic pain or fever or burning during urination along with it. If the pain is excruciating and is not going away, contact doctors from Internal Medicine Diagnostic Center at 281-252-8600 for help.

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