Keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level is an important way to maintain your health. But what exactly is blood pressure, and why is a higher blood pressure considered dangerous? The answers are simpler than you might think. Read on to get the facts about blood pressure.

What is Blood Pressure?

Your blood pressure is the force with which your blood flows through your veins and arteries as your heart beats. If your blood pressure is in the normal range, your blood will flow easily and supply your organs with the correct amount of oxygenated blood. If your blood pressure is too high, your heart and circulatory system have more stress put on them. High blood pressure can lead to health problems such as a heart attack or stroke.

Controlling Your Blood Pressure

There are several different ways that you can manage your blood pressure. The first line of defense against high blood pressure is making lifestyle changes. Maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco products can all help you stay healthy. Your doctor can also regularly monitor your blood pressure and prescribe medications to help you keep your blood pressure at the right level.

Are you struggling with your blood pressure? The team at Internal Medicine Diagnostic Center can evaluate your blood pressure and help you create a treatment strategy. We value long-term relationships with our patients and can help you manage your blood pressure over time. To schedule an appointment today, give us a call at 281-252-8600.

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