Those who have suffered a hearing loss always question why is hearing aid so expensive. There were times when hearing aid was unfashionable and distracting, and they didn’t work. But times have changed, nowadays we get smart and discreet hearing aids, but potential buyers turn down buying this equipment at such high prices.

The High Cost To Hear

Back in the early days when hearing aids came into existence, they cost around $100 – $200. Moving forward to the 2000s, in most cases, medical insurances do not cover hearing, hence patents have to pay for it out of their pocket, which costs them around $1,000 to $4,000 per ear. The reason for such high costs are:

  • Technology: Hearing aids in today’s world use digital software and control unwanted background sounds. Doing this can enhance the speech sound of the speaker. Comparatively, old hearing aids used to be analog, due to which the quality of sound was uncontrolled.
  • Custom built: When purchasing a hearing aid, it’s not as simple as buying a smartphone. Hearing aids are customized depending on who will be wearing it to ensure it meets their comfort preferences and lifestyle requirements.
  • Research: This may sound weird, but most of the cost still goes towards audiological research. There is a bunch of people working on enhancing the experience higher and higher. Neural networks and artificial intelligence systems, and many more teams are involved in making sure the hearing aid is smart, safe, and enjoyable to wear. We have come across information stating that manufacturing companies spend approximately $500 a year on research and development.

Assuming a pair of your hearing aid costs you about $4,500 with a life expectancy of about six years. This means the aids will cost you $750 a year, or just about $2 a day. Consider this to the increased hearing loss an average person can suffer without wearing a hearing aid; the one-time investment should not be alarming.

If you, too, are suffering from hearing loss or are looking to replace your current hearing aid, consult a doctor first who will advise you on the proper next steps. Book your appointment now at Internal Medicine Diagnostic Center. Call 281-252-8600 to schedule an appointment.

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