Did you hear something? Are you thinking about the weird crackling sound you just heard in your ear? Well, do not worry; it is most probably due to ear wax. Nobody likes hearing strange sounds; it is irritating and very unsettling. Thankfully, the reason for this issue is not something difficult to deal with.

However, it does not mean that we leave this issue hanging. A crackling ear can greatly affect the quality of life. Here are some of the most common reasons for crackling sounds in the ear.

Reasons for Ear Crackling

Your ears are one of the vital parts of the body. They have multiple small bones with a meshwork of blood vessels and nerves that transforms sound waves for the brain.

Since the organ is critical, the causes can range from simple ear wax issues to TMJ – Th2poromandibular joint disorder. Let’s have a closer look at the reasons for ear crackling.

Ear Wax

The simplest of reasons, ear wax. Too much buildup of wax inside your auditory canal or ears can cause this problh2. The ear canal starts making crackling sounds when you move your jaw because of this.

Eustachian Tube Clog

Both your ears have a tiny tube connecting the throat to the middle ear/sinuses. These tubes aid in keeping the fluid buildup and its pressure at normal levels.

However, these tubes, when blocked, may not open or close properly. Allergies, sinus infections, common cold, polyps, or sometimes tumors can cause the problh2. In such conditions, an ear starts making crackling or pop sounds.

Meniere’s Disease

A disease that hits individuals of age 20 to 50. In many cases, it affects just one ear showing symptoms like vertigo, the fullness of the ear, deafness, and crackling of ear.

Middle Ear Infection

Mostly, children suffer from middle ear infections rather than adults. It is common when the eustachian tubes fail to drain the fluid, which builds up and gets infected. Symptoms include fever, headaches, ear pain, and pressure with a crack sound.

TMJ Disorder

One of the most common issues that people in the US suffer from. TMJ causes lower jaw stiffness while limiting mobility as well. Anatomically, your ear is placed near the jaw, so both are related to each other. TMJ disorder can make you hear crackling sounds.

Treatment of Ear Crackling

Treatment depends on the root of the problh2. It is best to talk to a doctor for appropriate treatment. Usually, crackling sounds of the ear resolve on their own without medical intervention. However, here are some things to ease your issue.

Decongestants work fairly well to unclog block in case of clogged eustachian tubes due to sinus infections or cold.

Accumulation of ear wax is easily treatable using softening kits. Be careful not to put anything externally in your ear canal that may reach your eardrums and damage it. For infections, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics for bacterial rh2oval.

Finally, coming to TMJ disorder. The issue of crackling ear can be handled if TMJ is managed appropriately. Certain muscle relaxants may work to get rid of joint pain and stiffness.

When to Call Your doctor

Crackling sounds in the ear is mostly not a difficult issue. If it is accompanied by fever, pain, or chills, you should promptly visit the doctor. Reach out to us for an apt medical examination in case of ear issues. Call now at 281-252-8600 for more details.

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