“Almost 100,000+ have died from this virus.” “I haven’t seen my mother since she was quarantined.” “I didn’t even get to say by to my loved one as there was a possibility of the virus still being alive after they passed away.” “Millions of people have lost their jobs and don’t have enough to pay for their rent or the next meal for their families.” Amid already having to deal with such a dreadful virus, the side effects of it are as worse. Now, reading the title, you may be asking what other problem there could be besides COIVD itself. The answer; people don’t stop having other diseases and illnesses just because a pandemic occurs. What exactly does this mean, you may be asking? Well, let us look at an example! Let us say hospital A has filled up with Coronavirus patients, and there isn’t another hospital in a 20-mile radius. Where are the people who experience a heart attack, suddenly faint, or have a stroke going to go? Just because the majority of people have a certain virus, doesn’t mean that other illnesses decide to stop coming, right?


The main point is that even though people are passing away and are losing their jobs, the worst part is that other illnesses and diseases are as life-threatening, such as heart attacks and strokes, and hospitals are having to deny treatment due to the mass amount of people with the Coronavirus. If you have any symptoms, whether it be coughing, respiratory problems, or a high fever, immediately contact a doctor you can trust, like those at Internal medicine, and get consulted immediately. Make sure to follow all government regulations and rules to ensure that you can stay safe and healthy.

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