One of the most important choices for a woman over 50 is to take advantage of the Well Woman Exam. This series of tests can assess your risks for both gynecological and breast issues.

The Well Woman exam targets issues and diseases associated with the reproductive organs and other concerns for women. These issues can be some of the most overlooked problems of a woman’s body. Unfortunately, neglected tests can result in serious problems in these areas, even mortality. It’s important to always take advantage of the Well Woman exam in order to retain good overall health.

Best blood tests for the 50+ Well Woman Exam

Examinations can provide detailed information about the condition of the female body, especially where the reproductive system is concerned. However, it takes certain blood tests to understand what’s happening behind the scenes.

Hormonal tests

One of the most important blood tests for women over 50 is the hormone blood test. During the Well Women exam, a test can be conducted to check levels of estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, FHS and thyroid function. A balance of these hormones will determine whether you are entering menopause and can also detect tumors in the reproductive organs. These hormone tests can be a precursor to other important tests for this age group as well.

Plasma Glucose Test

Diabetes can begin at any time of life, especially in those over the age of 50. That is why it’s so important for women to undergo blood tests to determine whether they have diabetes or are entering the initial stages of the disease. A plasma glucose test is a simple way to discover this problem. If the sample tests positive for high glucose levels, then a Glucose tolerance test may have to be done. This takes a bit longer to complete. Either way, it’s best to recognize diabetes before it causes other problems with your health, and this is what makes the test important.

CBC (Complete Blood Cell Count)

This test is so important because of the blood cell count and what this number represents. Your blood cell count can indicate conditions such as infections, anemia and even blood cancers. This test measures platelets in the blood, white blood cells and red blood cells.

Vitamin D Test

Many women are unaware of their vitamin D count. Many times, a vitamin D deficiency will go unnoticed until symptoms are unbearable. Getting tested for vitamin D levels can prevent an onset of osteoporosis, so requesting this test at the Well Women exam is a good idea.

Keeping an Eye on Your Health

Women over 50 can experience all sorts of symptoms, and some which will baffle and intimidate. With simple blood tests at the Well Women exam, symptoms can be pinpointed and alleviated with the right treatment. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the Well Woman exam at the Internal Medicine Diagnostic Center. Here, we take good care of our patients.

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