Are you wondering if the pain in your finger means it’s broken? You can fracture your finger doing everyday tasks like opening a door, playing sports, or even using a tool. It’s good to know the symptoms of a broken finger so that you can visit a doctor for minor emergencies. But how to know if you broke your finger? This blog discusses some signs of a fractured finger you should know.

Signs to Know if You Broke Your Finger

Your finger could have a temporary jam or a fracture. To know which one it is, you must be familiar with the signs.

Here are some ways you can know if you broke your finger:

  1. Your Finger Hurts Immediately
    If the injury or impact breaks your finger, you’ll experience immediate pain. This is a tell-tale sign that your finger is fractured and needs medical attention right away. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to visit a doctor if you can’t move or use your fingers due to the pain and swelling.
    Sometimes, the broken finger might have exposed tissue or a crushed bone — don’t waste any time visiting your doctor in this case. You’ll need immediate treatment.
  2. You Can Still Move Your Finger Slightly
    A fracture is, undoubtedly, painful. However, a broken finger has slight movement to it. So if you can still move your finger to some extent, that doesn’t mean it isn’t broken. Moreover, some fractures hurt more than others, depending on the stability.
  3. You See Bruising & Swelling
    A broken finger usually gets swollen pretty fast, in five to ten minutes. You may also notice bruising on the affected finger, which can be a sign to know if your finger is broken. In addition, the swelling could affect your adjacent fingers too.
  4. Your Fingers Feel Stiff
    The fracture will not only cause pain, swelling, and bruising. Moreover, the impact might cause stiffness in your fingers, making them numb. This resulting numbness could be a consequence of swelling, as it may compress your finger’s nerve. Other than this, the trauma of the injury could also lead to numbness.
    A distal phalanx fracture, or a fingertip fracture, occurs when fingernails are involved in the injuries. Consequently, the finger pad looks broken or swollen due to the injury. Furthermore, purple-colored blood is likely to appear under the fingernail.
  5. The Bone is Exposed
    If the trauma was severe, it could lead to an exposed bone. Simply put, you might be able to spot the bone through the soft tissues. Known as the compound fracture, this is a definite way to know you broke your finger. If this is the case, you will need medical attention instantly.

What’s the Treatment for a Broken Finger?

Now that you know what a broken finger looks like, you might be wondering what the treatment involves. After an emergency diagnoses what kind of fracture you have, they’ll go for the appropriate treatment.

The treatment might include the following:

  • Buddy taping or splinting the broken finger to another finger (for stable fracture)
  • Splint, surgical procedure, or another treatment where the finger is immobilized first (for unstable fracture)

You shouldn’t hesitate to visit an emergency doctor if your finger is painful, swollen, and numb after the injury.

What’s Next?

Learning how to know if you broke your finger can help you recognize possible fractures. In case of injuries, visiting a doctor is mandatory. Our Internal Medicine Diagnostic Centre team is here to help at (281) 252-8600. You’ll find us at 13644 Breton Ridge Suite B, Houston, Texas 77070.

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