You don’t need to use this option if you’re keeping the computer. In most cases, the data may still remain available. Just run the data recovery software and scan the desired partition to get it back. That’s mainly because of their cloud-based design. It just needed to be cleaned up first, and I’m not just talking about removing dust and mystery goo with a few swipes of a disinfectant wipe, though you’ll want to do that, too. The type of cleaning I’m talking about is restoring the here laptop to like-new condition inside and out.

  • You should now see the Downloading Windows 11 page.
  • Yes, thanks, I have reverted to version 1.17 and it’s working fine at the moment.
  • Click the Security tab to reveal the screen shown in Figure A.

When you enable it, the Public folder becomes available for everyone on your computer or network. You can give permissions to modify your files, so other people will be able to change them, delete or upload their own files. After you’ve made your restriction selections, click the Apply button to return to the “Send link” panel.

What new features come with Windows 11?

If you choose to Keep my Files,your files will be unaffected. Backup all your data to the cloud offsite, never lose data and recover them from any PC. Now, navigate the location according to the option you chose. Make sure to select the target disk or USB. Once you save, you will have to run the media creation tool. Select ‘Update & Security’ option from the list.

You can either opt to keep your files or to remove everything. Once you click Reset, the process will start. Follow the onscreen process, and your PC will be reset.


Put your cursor in the Value data box, remove the existing content from the box, and press Ctrl + V to paste the path to your new downloads folder location. Your computer will let you select the new default downloads folder. Navigate to the drive where you created the new folder and select it. Your Windows 10 computer saves your downloaded files in a certain folder on your hard drive.

How to boot Windows 10 in safe mode

Windows 11 is the latest version of Windows and brings various improvements and changes to the UI and overall system. Ok I might just skip for the time being as I have to see whether or to my main desktop will accept Windows 11 as it does have an Ivy Bridge CPU which I think could handle OS. Currently waiting for a TPM module I managed to find on eBay only problem is that it has to come from New Zealand. Tutorial updated to add step 17 for the new W11 Insider build. If a Windows 11 Pro edition and you selected Set up for personal use at step 18, click/tap on Offline account.

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