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Why do I Have Heart Palpitations at Night?

Our heart not only pumps blood throughout our body but also reacts to the emotions we feel. It will flutter, skip a beat, or do a flip in your chest based on your mood. However, don’t always mistake these as ‘reactions’ to your emotions. Sometimes,...

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My Chest Burns When I Cough — What Could It Be?

Imagine coughing and assuming it is the usual cold or something similar — only for your chest to start burning. Asthma patients are somewhat used to the burning sensation in their chest. However, it can be worrisome for those experiencing it for...

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Why Are My Ears Getting Hot?

Finding yourself in embarrassing situations can get your ears warm, but this is not the only reason our ears get hot. So if you’re wondering, ‘Why do my ears get hot?’, keep reading to know the possible causes. Possible Causes of Hot Ears Here are...

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Waking Up with Chest Pain, What Could It Be?

Waking up with chest pain might seem alarming, but before you start writing your will in a frenzy, it is not always serious. Yes, chest pain is related to your heart. But not always, as minor problems like stress or indigestion might be behind your...

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