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Is it Possible to Get Asthma as an Adult?

Jan 30, 2023733 Views

You might be familiar with asthma, a chronic lung condition that causes breathing difficulties. People with asthma suffer from narrowing and inflammation of their airways, along with an increase in mucus production. But can you get asthma as an adult? Or is it a condition that develops in childhood? Well, in most cases, asthma develops […]

Is Your Toenail Falling Off? It Could be One of These 3 Causes

Jan 15, 2023525 Views

Toenail falling off is something we don’t realize can happen until it happens. Even though a broken toenail is pretty common, many people are unaware of the causes and ways to treat it. Toenails help shield our toes from injuries and other factors. However, oftentimes the toenail itself ends up separating from the nailbed. Keep […]

Can Gas Cause Chest Pain?

Dec 30, 20221246 Views

Experiencing chest pain could make you anxious about your heart’s condition. Fortunately, chest pain does not always occur due to heart problems. It’s possible that your discomfort is due to other factors, like gas. Gas pain in the chest could feel like there’s a serious issue with your cardiovascular health. Usually, gas causes chest pain […]

Shortness of Breath at Night — Why Does it Happen?

Dec 15, 2022634 Views

We want a peaceful, deep sleep at night after a long day. Thus, if any problems lead to restless sleep, it could be quite frustrating. For instance, some people experience shortness of breath at night. You can have difficulty breathing at night due to multiple reasons. Difficulty breathing could mean that something is affecting your […]

How to Know if You Broke Your Finger — 5 Possible Signs

Nov 30, 2022481 Views

Are you wondering if the pain in your finger means it’s broken? You can fracture your finger doing everyday tasks like opening a door, playing sports, or even using a tool. It’s good to know the symptoms of a broken finger so that you can visit a doctor for minor emergencies. But how to know […]

5 Reasons You’re Wheezing When Lying Down — What to do?

Nov 15, 202211016 Views

Do you have breathing difficulties when you lie down? Obstructed airways can lead to a whistling sound when you inhale and exhale. The wheezing sound can get worse when lying down because the position can affect how your chest rises and falls. Consequently, you may find it hard to breathe. Wheezing can signify many conditions, […]

25 Natural & Organic Foods That Can Immediately Lower Your Heart Rate!

Oct 30, 20228388 Views

Whether it’s crisp leaves of fresh lettuce or fluffy doughs of sweetness, food is the one thing that can affect your health big time. So much so that some foods can lower your heart rate immediately. Of course, that mainly depends on your overall diet, not a one-time meal. But if you want consistency and […]

What Causes That Wet, Itchy Feeling in Your Ears?

Oct 15, 2022709 Views

Have you ever experienced a strange, wet, and itchy feeling in your ears? You might be wondering if there is something wrong with your ears or if this is normal. In fact, many people are familiar with the sensation of having warm or fluid in their ear canal. Let’s take a look at some possible […]

Why do I Have Heart Palpitations at Night?

Sep 30, 2022312 Views

Our heart not only pumps blood throughout our body but also reacts to the emotions we feel. It will flutter, skip a beat, or do a flip in your chest based on your mood. However, don’t always mistake these as ‘reactions’ to your emotions. Sometimes, this fluttering, skipping beats, and flipping can actually be a […]

My Chest Burns When I Cough — What Could It Be?

Sep 15, 2022662 Views

Imagine coughing and assuming it is the usual cold or something similar — only for your chest to start burning. Asthma patients are somewhat used to the burning sensation in their chest. However, it can be worrisome for those experiencing it for the first time. They might run to the doctor to exclaim, ‘Help! My […]



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