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Asthma and Autoimmunity: Is Asthma an Autoimmune Disease?

Dec 30, 20210 Views

People often ask us, “Is asthma an autoimmune disease?” Asthma is among the most common chronic conditions. It occurs due to an overreaction from the immune system. This is just like a class of diseases caused by the immune system’s response, called autoimmune diseases. To understand whether or not asthma is an autoimmune disease, first, […]

Why Does My Stomach Hurt In The Morning?

Dec 15, 20210 Views

Does your stomach hurt when you wake up and unsure what causes it? We all have experienced stomach pain at some point in our lives. You might be feeling a cramping sensation or a dull ache that comes and goes in the morning. While abdominal pain can occur at any time, you may feel pain […]

9 Reasons Why There Is a Weird Smell Coming In Your Nose

Nov 30, 20210 Views

Your sense of smell can make or break your day. A pungent smell left behind by the rotting vegetable in the fridge or cooking a broth; the molecules fill the air with their aroma, which easily creeps its way into your nostrils. But what about the weird smell coming to your nose that is originating […]

What is The Theory Behind Crackling Sound In My Ear? What To do About it?

Nov 15, 20210 Views

Did you hear something? Are you thinking about the weird crackling sound you just heard in your ear? Well, do not worry; it is most probably due to ear wax. Nobody likes hearing strange sounds; it is irritating and very unsettling. Thankfully, the reason for this issue is not something difficult to deal with. However, […]

What Symptoms to Look Out For After a Spider Bite On the Eyelid?

Oct 30, 20210 Views

Most spiders do not bite humans, and they only attack when instigated. A spider bite is commonly not harmful. If you have a spider bite on your eyelid, it may cause symptoms like inflammation, itchiness, or redness. This is only in the case of regular ones. Things go differently if you get bit by a […]

Swallowed Mouthwash By Accident! What Do I Do?

Oct 15, 20210 Views

Foul breath is the most common issue people have to deal with. There can be many reasons for bad odor; luckily, mouthwash can easily eradicate it. Read on to know what happens if you swallow a mouthwash accidentally! What happens if you swallow mouthwash? A mouthwash is advised to be used in minimal amounts. If […]

7 potential causes of pain in inner thigh

Sep 30, 20210 Views

You wake up one day and feel a stinging pain in inner thigh. What could the reason be? The pain in your thigh causes discomfort while doing mundane routine tasks like walking, or taking stairs, etc. we often associate pain with injury or trauma, but this kind can be triggered without one. Inner thigh pain […]

How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear | 5 Tried and Tested Techniques

Aug 30, 20210 Views

Getting water in your ear is super annoying! Although usually caused by swimming, any exposure of your head to water can cause water to become trapped inside your ear canal. Feeling like your ear is full of water can be uncomfortable, and you might not be able to hear anything but muffled noises and speech. […]

Emphysema vs COPD | Differences, Diagnosis and Treatment

Aug 15, 20210 Views

Sufferers of respiratory illnesses must educate themselves with information specific to their disorder. But sometimes, the amount of information available is overwhelming and challenging to sort through. For example, the difference between emphysema vs COPD might not be clear. This post will guide you through the definitions of both terms and outline the similarities in […]



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