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Why Does My Pelvis Hurt When I Walk?

Feb 15, 2024316 Views

Your pelvis starts from your belly button to your thighs. This can be due to your musculoskeletal system, which consists of bones, joints, muscles, and tendons. Usually, pelvic pain is not concerning; it can be taken care of with home remedies. But if your pelvis hurts when you walk, your healthcare provider can diagnose the […]

Can Walking On a Sprained Ankle Make It Worse?

Jan 30, 2024445 Views

Your ankle is supposed to roll outward when you walk, jump, or run. However, in certain situations, like when you land on uneven ground, kick a football, or clumsily step off a pavement. They can make your ankle roll in the opposite direction, which means inward. Therefore, it causes the attached ligaments to twist or […]

At What Age Should a Woman Get a Bone Density Test

Jan 15, 2024482 Views

Like every mortal thing, bones start degenerating when you reach middle age. When this happens, it becomes crucial to prevent osteoporosis from occurring. Severe osteoporosis can make a daily life activity like opening a stubborn door can fracture your bone. Life with weak bones reduces mobility and increases pain at every step. Does Every Woman […]

How to Stack Pillows for Acid Reflux?

Dec 30, 2023468 Views

When the natural acid in your stomach leaks into your esophagus, it provokes the tissues in your throat to become inflamed. The cause is very natural: acid production beyond the esophagus sphincter’s ability to control. In return, the body sends all extra acid back to the esophagus. Causes of Acid Reflux There are various causes […]

How Soon Can a Doctor Detect Pregnancy by Pelvic Exam?

Dec 15, 2023410 Views

A missed period is widely considered a strong indication of pregnancy. But this can also be the cause of underlying health issues such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and anemia. Women trying to conceive are always rushing to find out the good news. Let’s discuss what your doctor can do in this regard. Pelvic Exam […]

Type-2 Diabetes Self Care- Tips And Advice

Nov 30, 2023314 Views

The best person to control your diabetes is you. However, you can’t do it alone. You need professional intervention and support from your loved ones. Although it is not permanently curable yet, people with type-2 diabetes can lead a life as healthy as a non-diabetic individual. Let’s share how type-2 diabetes self-care works. What Are […]

Implementing a Complete Hearing Screening Pediatric Program

Nov 15, 2023316 Views

Hearing undoubtedly is a basic component of a child’s growth. It is important in language acquisition, social interaction, and logical development. Recognizing hearing problems early in life is crucial for providing timely interventions that can affect a child’s future. A pediatric hearing screening program can help in this regard. Various clinics and facilities also provide […]

What is Sinus?

Oct 30, 2023480 Views

Sinus, medically referred to as sinusitis, are air-filled sacs present in the facial area i.e. behind the forehead, nasal cavity, cheeks and eyes. Sinus is caused by a blockage due to mucus buildup which is a favorable site for bacteria development and infection. Sinus is categorized as acute and chronic, depending on severity and recurrence. […]

Five Lifestyle Changes For Asthma Patients

Oct 15, 2023489 Views

Patients with asthma, considering managing their symptoms, could rely on medications; however, an overall approach to asthma is more recommended by doctors rather than only focusing on medicines. Asthma is not only limited to coughing and sneezing; other factors affect too. Meanwhile, consult your doctor about your symptoms and medications and how to change your […]

Healthy Lifestyle To Adopt After Heart Disease

Sep 30, 2023466 Views

After suffering from heart disease, a lifestyle promoting a strong heart is essential. These Lifestyle changes will be according to your specific needs,​which may include changes in your diet and exercise routine. These steps can improve your overall health and reduce your risk of future heart problems. Remember to consult your healthcare provider before making […]



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