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7 Proven Foods To Avoid With COPD

Sep 15, 2023292 Views

When diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), that is, common lung disease which causes restriction of airflow and breathing. Patients with COPD have damaged lungs and phlegm, having difficulty with cough, wheezing and fatigue. This can be due to excessive smoking or air pollution. Unfortunately, this disease is not curable but the symptoms can […]

Understanding The Causes And Risk Factors of Emphysema

Aug 30, 2023464 Views

The normal flow of air in and out of our lungs is what keeps us alive. But if you experience any form of breathing difficulty, it can be a cause of physical and mental stress. Among several medical diseases that affect your respiratory system, one major condition is emphysema, which damages the lungs and makes […]

5 Reasons Why You’re Always Feeling Tired

Aug 15, 2023416 Views

Do you constantly feel drowsy or tired without any apparent cause? You are not alone. Research states that about 45% of Americans experience tiredness despite having a proper sleep schedule. This can become a real issue if it starts interpreting your studies, work, or social life. Tiredness can happen due to a number of reasons […]

A Second Chance: Can You Reverse Prediabetes?

Jul 30, 2023384 Views

Did you know that prediabetes is a raging condition around the world? In fact, it is estimated that more than 96 million adults in the United States have prediabetes. That is why it is critical to take action if you have been diagnosed with it. But wait, can you reverse prediabetes? Is it even possible? […]

Look Out For These 10 Early Warning Signs of Osteoporosis!

Jun 30, 2023727 Views

Weak bones, poor posture, and loss of height — these are some of the most horrifying symptoms linked to osteoporosis. Although, even if there are obvious signs, they don’t necessarily show up out of the blue. After all, there is a reason why osteoporosis is known as a “silent disease.” Until and unless you break […]

Can Stress Cause Appendicitis, or Are They Unrelated?

Jun 15, 2023550 Views

Have you ever been so stressed that you can feel the effects in your gut? Stomachaches are a common symptom of stress, which can result in serious gastrointestinal problems down the line. In some cases, intense stomach cramps can also give way to appendicitis. So, does that mean stress also causes appendicitis, or is it […]

Unveiling the Mysteries: What to Expect During Your First Well-Woman Exam

May 30, 2023323 Views

Well-woman exams can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve never gotten one before. Not knowing what to expect or what might happen is enough to scare one away. However, by researching and learning about the procedure, you can prepare yourself for the screening.  Once you have an idea of what a well-woman exam looks like, you […]

Addressing Health Disparities Through Well Woman Exams: Importance and Challenges

Apr 30, 2023350 Views

Regular well woman exams are crucial for women’s health, as they provide important preventative care and early detection of potential health issues. However, not all women have equal access to these exams, and health disparities exist based on factors such as race, ethnicity, income, and geographic location. Addressing health disparities through well woman exams is […]



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