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Generic Asthma Inhaler Gets Approval

Feb 23, 2019160 Views

Asthma is a common but serious condition. It inflames and narrows your lungs’ airways and makes it hard to breathe. Of course oxygen is needed to maintain life, so suffering from asthma can introduce life-threatening conditions. It can’t be “outgrown”; it can get better (especially for growing children) or worst, but it never goes away. […]

New Treatment Approved for Emphysema

Feb 14, 2019178 Views

For patients suffering from the devastating effects of emphysema, news of a recently-approved treatment is exciting and welcome. How does it work? Learn more about the Spiration® Valve System (SVS) and how it can help patients suffering from this progressive and debilitating condition. How Does SVS Emphysema Treatment Work? A minimally invasive treatment for severe […]

3 Tips to Live Better With COPD

Jan 25, 2019274 Views

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a lung disease that worsens over time. It can cause coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing and a feeling of tightness in the chest. It can interfere with your breathing and prevent you from things. In some cases, it’s even hard to walk. Tips to Help You Manage Your COPD […]

Reversing Cardiovascular Disease

Jan 14, 2019143 Views

Cardiovascular disease describes a number of conditions that impact your heart and its associated functions. As the leading cause of death in the U.S., cardiovascular disease includes coronary artery disease and vascular (blood vessel) disease. Reversing the effects of cardiovascular disease involves rigorous diagnosis, treatment options and lifestyle changes. The aim of reversing cardiovascular disease […]

Exercise and Diabetes

Dec 26, 2018156 Views

You know how important it is to carefully manage your diet and blood glucose readings, but did you know exercise can play a major role in diabetes management? Let’s see what special challenges living with diabetes can present. How Does Exercise Affect Patients With Diabetes? It’s true exercise programs can improve blood sugar control for […]

3 Conditions Found Early at a Well Woman Exam

Dec 12, 2018208 Views

Your annual physical checkup is more important than you may realize. Getting a checkup every year allows your physician to establish a baseline of health for you so it is easier to tell when you are beginning to develop a problem. There are some conditions that can be diagnosed and addressed in the early stages […]

How Is a Hearing Screening Done on an Infant?

Nov 14, 2018151 Views

A newborn hearing screening is an important step in your baby’s health. If it appears there is an issue, it’s always better to know than to guess at what it could be. If there is a chance there is a hearing problem, early detection and intervention is key to your child’s development. One of the […]

Why an Annual Physical Can Save Your Life

Oct 24, 2018159 Views

There are many life-saving precautions we take every day. We lock our doors at night, wear seatbelts, and don’t pick up hitchhikers.  So why is it that we don’t get our annual physical? Some studies show that although 92% of Americans agree that it is important to get an annual physical, only 62% of them […]

Getting Help After Receiving Acute Care

Oct 12, 2018137 Views

The term acute, in medical terms, is used to describe something that happens abruptly or has a quick onset. Acute care refers to short-term health care after a severe injury, an amputation, an urgent medical condition (such as a stroke) or while recovering after surgery. There is a period of adjustment. After you get discharged […]

Minor Emergencies that Don’t Require the Emergency Room

Sep 24, 2018143 Views

Sickness and injury are inherently frightening, especially when they strike unexpectedly. It’s not always easy to know when you should head to the nearest emergency room, especially when problems develop suddenly. While there are times when you need to head directly to the nearest ER or even call an ambulance, there are also times when […]



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