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Are You at Risk of a Heart Attack?

Aug 22, 2019174 Views

Every year, 735,000 Americans suffer from a heart attack; this translates to one person every 43 seconds (CDC). And even though treatment has improved significantly in recent years, heart attacks are still quite fatal. There are warning signs that a heart attack may be imminent, but these symptoms are consistent with many other health conditions. […]

Signs That Your Child Needs A Hearing Screening

Aug 22, 2019153 Views

In the past, children with hearing deficiencies go undiagnosed until they are about 2 years old and their parents realize that they can’t talk. Unfortunately, if hearing loss is not detected and treated before the child is 6 months, the probability of recovery is significantly reduced. These days, hospitals test for hearing within 24 hours […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Diabetes

Jul 26, 2019214 Views

In a recent report, the CDC estimates that over 30 million Americans (nearly 10% of the entire population) are struggling with diabetes. Additionally, over 84 million people have pre-diabetes, a condition that if left untreated leads to type II diabetes. To help you understand diabetes better, here are some frequently asked questions: What is pre-diabetes? […]

Early Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Jul 26, 2019156 Views

Sometimes, heart attacks happen suddenly and without warning. A lot of the time, however, there are warning signs. It is important that everyone recognizes these signs and take action. Because with heart attacks, the earlier you seek medical attention, the better. If you are over 60 years old and overweight, diabetic, hypertensive, or have high […]

The World’s Deadliest Diseases and Their Risk Factors

Jun 26, 2019149 Views

According to a report from the WHO, the following diseases have caused the most deaths worldwide for the past 15 to 20 years. Ironically, most of these conditions progress slowly and are preventable. However, they remain fatal because patients fail to seek out quality healthcare on time; either due to ignorance or lack of access. […]

Major Respiratory Conditions that Affect the Elderly

Jun 18, 2019190 Views

The older people get, the weaker their body and major organs become. The respiratory system is particularly susceptible to aging and a number of respiratory diseases affect the elderly—or become more pronounced as people get older. Some of the major ones are highlighted below: Asthma According to the American Lung Association, over 20 million adults […]

Similarities and Differences Between COPD and Asthma

May 22, 2019155 Views

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) refers to a group of lung diseases that are characterized by severe cough and breathing difficulty. These diseases are very serious and are the third most fatal health concern in the United States. According to estimates, about 30 million Americans have COPD, with 50% of individuals unaware of it. Because […]

5 Important Details About Emphysema

May 18, 2019155 Views

If you have just whitened your teeth and you want to keep them that way, here are some tips to help you along: Adhere to a “teeth-friendly” diet To keep your teeth white, cut down on your black tea, soda drink, red wine, and dark juice consumption. Anything that looks dark before you drink it […]

Osteoporosis: Causes and Early Warning Signs

Apr 23, 2019169 Views

Osteoporosis, porous bone, is a disease that makes the bone weak and brittle. It causes the bone to become so frail that random activities like bending over or sneezing may lead to a fracture. Men and women over 50 years are vulnerable to osteoporosis but menopausal women are at higher risk. Also, millions of Americans […]

Loss of Hearing in the Elderly

Apr 17, 2019192 Views

Loss of hearing may be caused at any age by constant exposure to noise, hereditary factors, disease, or accident. The older we get, however, the higher the likelihood that we lose our hearing due to any of the following, as well as to old age. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication […]



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