Washing your hands is one of the quickest and easiest ways to prevent germs from spreading. The COVID-19 outbreak (also known as Coronavirus) has alerted people to the importance of regular hand washing. However, you must be correct in order to effectively protect yourself from viruses. This is important for both your own health and also for the welfare of those around you. Below, we will teach you the right way to clean your hands.

Learn the Correct Technique

Washing your hands is a common practice, but it can be surprisingly hard to do it right. You can wash your hands with either warm or cold water. The most important thing is that you use soap and wash for a full 20 seconds. Lather the soap in your hands, while also focusing on the backs of your hands and around your nails. Rinse your hands for at least 10 seconds. Finally, turn the tap off using your paper towel.

What About Hand Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is a great option for people who cannot immediately access soap and water. However, you should make sure your hand sanitizer contains at least 60% alcohol. It’s also important that you wash your hands if they are visibly dirty, as hand sanitizer will not clean away debris. Moreover, hand sanitizer shouldn’t completely replace hand washing in your routine.

Other Ways to Protect Yourself

There are other ways to prevent germs from spreading. Be sure to cover your mouth using your elbow if you cough or sneeze. You should also avoid touching your face. However, the most critical way to prevent the spread of viruses is to stay home if you are sick. Isolation can be lonely, but it is the only way to ensure you don’t spread the disease.

Don’t Forget About Preventative Care

It’s important to follow updates on the Coronavirus and act accordingly. However, you shouldn’t forget about your overall health. It’s especially important to focus on preventative care at a time like this. In addition to washing your hands, you should also schedule your regular medical checkups.

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