Women above 18 years old are supposed to undertake well-woman exams every year. The exam includes some tests e.g. a pelvic exam, breast exam, blood pressure measurement, urinalysis, pap smear, and so on. Even if you feel perfectly healthy, here are 3 reasons why you must never miss a well-woman exam:

  1. For early diagnosis:

    Because the tests are undertaken yearly, well-woman exams allow you to catch any developing health conditions before they escalate. Conditions like breast and cervical cancers were very fatal in the past. Due to yearly testing and preventive care, however, women can now treat the diseases in its early stage.

  2. You get to ask questions:

    Which medical questions have been bothering you? Perhaps you’ve always struggled to sleep well and you’ve been meaning to see a doctor but never had the time. Maybe you have questions about pregnancy and childbirth that you’ve been too shy to ask the people around you. A well-woman exam provides an opportunity to ask all your medical questions, and get tested for conditions whose symptoms you felt in the past.

  3. Enjoy a worry-free year:

    After your well-woman exams and after getting an all-clear from your doctor, you can enjoy the rest of the year without worrying about any serious conditions. If any problems are identified during your tests, the knowledge that you are receiving professional treatment will bring a level of reassurance.

Some years ago, cervical cancer was a major concern for women, and it had a high fatality rate globally and in the US. Due to the pap test and well-woman exams, fatalities from cervical cancer has been reduced significantly. The current fatality rate in the US stands at ~0.0013%.

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