Your annual physical checkup is more important than you may realize. Getting a checkup every year allows your physician to establish a baseline of health for you so it is easier to tell when you are beginning to develop a problem. There are some conditions that can be diagnosed and addressed in the early stages when you have your well woman exam.


This silent killer did not get that nickname by accident. High blood pressure can creep up on a person slowly. Your blood pressure will be taken at your well woman exam and if it is higher than it should be it may be taken a second time after you’ve been sitting for a while. If it is still high, your doctor will advise you about what needs to happen next and it will be monitored. You may be given medication to address the issue.

Breast Cancer

During your well woman exam your doctor will check for any abnormalities in and around your breasts and lymph nodes. If you are not doing regular breast exams on yourself, this annual exam could be a life saver if the doctor finds a problem. If a lump or abnormality is discovered, you doctor may suggest a biopsy be done on the abnormal tissue. This test will determine if the abnormality is benign or malignant.

Cervical Cancer

Another condition that can be found early at a well woman exam is cervical cancer. An annual pelvic exam includes examination of all the organs of the pelvic area and a check for any abnormal cells around the cervix. The Pap test and HPV test are used to screen for cervical cancer. If you are at a high risk for this disease, your annual well woman exam is all the more important.

The Importance of the Well Woman Exam

Screening for cancers is one of the most important aspects of a well woman exam; however it is also a time when a woman can confide in her doctor about matters she may be dealing with. Having confidence and trust in your doctor is critical. Your health depends on full disclosure of unusual symptoms and/or personal concerns.

At Internal Medicine Diagnostic Center our doctors take pride in providing excellent care to all our patients. Contact us for your next well woman exam.

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